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JAMES MADDOCK – Live in Concert. Sunday 25th February – 6pm

“Heartbreakingly beautiful and exquisitely crafted, touches the soul.” Vin Scelsamusic

“The ability to stun a crowded room into awe with just himself and a guitar. All his songs share a haunting guitar backdrop, and his voice is a marvel, torn and battered by life but infinitely resilient.’ Stuart McLachlan from LouderThanWar

A rock & roll lifer, James Maddock has been carving his unique path since the 1980s, when the New York City based, Britsh-born singer/songwriter kicked off his career with a raw, soulful voice; a storyteller’s sense of narrative; and the ability to blur the lines between folk, classic pop, and rock.

Since his early days in London, he’s ridden the wave of a music industry that’s ebbed, flowed, peaked, and crashed. Maddock has stayed afloat including a major-label record deal, a Top 5 AAA radio hit, and a song placement on a major TV Series – before transforming himself into an independent solo artst during the decades that followed.

After fronting the Columbia Records band Wood, whose debut Songs From Stamford Hill was featured prominently on TV shows such as “Dawson’s Creek,” Maddock moved from England to New York City in 2003. His 2009 album Sunrise On Avenue C won a New York Music Award for Best Americana Album, while the follow-up Wake Up And Dream  ranked among the top albums of 2011 in WFUV’s (NYC) Listener Poll. With the release of Another Life (2013) and a 5 further albums over the following 7 years, two of them created over the Corona Virus pandemic – No Time to Cry (2020) and Little Bird in the Neighbourhood (2021) – which garnered critical acclaim and extensive radio play.

His latest release in 2023 Night Work is a beautiful collectionon of songs reminiscent of The Eagles and Creedence Clearwater Revival – no imitation, simply landing effortlessly in the space between.


Unfortunately there is no disabled access to the Pigeon Loft.

No use of mobile phones permitted during this event. 

Ticket price includes £1 booking fee per ticket. (Please note that no refunds or credits are available for this event).



Out of stock