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WALKLATE & HAYNES – Live in Concert. Sunday 24th March – 6pm


Straight Line:

The blues doesn’t get much better than this. Two extraordinary talents renowned as terrific individual exponents of the genre have now combined to move to an even higher level that takes some beating.

Alex Haynes – ‘A whiff of Chess Chicago Blues filtered through a rock lens with psychedelic touches and explosive bottleneck slide. Blues which is still able to surprise – not too swamped with respect, however respectful it is of the masters.’ – Bruno Conti

‘Inspirational and off-the-wall blues by Alex Haynes. There is plenty to distract and engage… Strikingly original, this is neologism blues for those wishing to extend the boundary.’ – Blues Matters

Mat Walklate – ‘A great legend in the blues music industry  who specialises in modern blues, has forged his own way in the genre with his virtuosic harmonica playing and soulful vocals.

Walklate’s music has a raw, genuine blues feel to it, but it also has contemporary, modern elements that give it a more modern edge. He has a great understanding of the blues, which is demonstrated by his ability to meld traditional blues with modern elements.

His ability to weave intricate melodies and soulful riffs on the harmonica is nothing short of astounding, taking listeners right into the heart of the blues. Mat Walklate is a force to be reckoned with in the music business.’ Vibrate.com

Happy Trails.


Unfortunately there is no disabled access to the Pigeon Loft.

No use of mobile phones permitted during this event. 

Ticket price includes £1 booking fee per ticket. (Please note that no refunds or credits are available for this event).




Out of stock