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BUZZCOCKS – A DIFFERENT KIND OF TENSION with special guest Paul Hanley. Thurs 21 March at 7.30pm

Buzzcocks’ 1979 album A Different Kind of Tension may have been released the same year as Singles Going Steady, but it is a different shape of beast to Singles. For a start it was recorded intentionally as an album rather than cobbled together by a naive U.S. label in search of punk dollar. Track three is “You Say You Don’t Love Me” which automatically rates the album a straight 10, but there are other objects d’interest up in this sweet, sweet bastard of a record.

By this point, on their third studio album proper, Pete Shelley was firmly entrenched as the band’s driving creative force—yet songs by Steve Diggle like “Sitting Round at Home” and “You Know You Can’t Help It” are rough-hewn gems in the catalogue worth seeking out. For the most part, as for majority of their output, the songs are short, sharp, punk-pop shocks that electrify and energize—and while their formula may have been perceived by some as tired by this point, the band would continue on in various incarnations right up until the present day. Even now, with Shelley gone, Diggle has chosen to keep pushing Buzzcocks into the future. The eternal teenagers somehow continue their path, unswerving, and it’s a beautiful thing to both reflect on and behold.

With special guest PAUL HANLEY

Man of letters and former Fall drummer, Paul Hanley has written a book on Buzzcocks called Sixteen Again: How Pete Shelley & Buzzcocks Changed Manchester Music (And Me), to give it its full title. The book mixes together biography, interview, critique and social history to create a full picture of the legendary Manchester group, equally beloved of fans of punk, post punk and indie.

Route – who have also published Hanley’s Leave The Capital: A History Of Manchester Music In 13 Recordings and the masterful Have A Bleedin Guess: The Story Of Hex Enduction Hour – have the following to say: “Paul Hanley’s obsession with Buzzcocks peaked between the ages of 14 and 16, exactly the age when ‘favourite band’ actually means something important. An essential part of the charm of Buzzcocks to him were their proximity and approachability.”

Paul Hanley is also one half of the drumming duo who power recent tQ Album Of The Year, House Of All, and co-host of the Oh! Brother podcast with kin Steve Hanley,

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